Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney "Cult Classic!"

Do you enjoy magickal geometry? Do the ancient Greek Mystery cults set your Trojan Horse at a gallop? Is your foyer spackled with neatly scryed pentacles? Even if you only have a soft spot for Walt and the gang, this little gem's for you.

The above is a clip from Disney’s 1959 featurette, “Donald Duck in Mathemagic land.” In this short film, a skeptical Donald journeys back to ancient Greece to meet the “chief egghead” Pythagoras, the ancient Philosopher and arch-mystic who illumined the magical properties of numbers. Pythagoras’ cultic activities are not omitted, and the film lavishes time on his famous pentagram sigils, which would laid the symbolic foundation for Western high magic. Donald does not leave ancient Greece empty handed. He has joined Pythagoras’ secret fraternity as a fellow initiate, and boasts a fresh pentagram sigil inscribed on his hand as proof!

I think this is awesome. The interweb could stand to have a little more 'pronoia' with regards to our old pal Walt, and anyone with the balls to advertise pentacles and Pythagoras to America's youth - in the groupthink miasma of the late '50s no less - has my full vote of confidence.

RIP, Walt. Neva' listen to the haters. Ya done good.


  1. wow really interesting stuff! I've heard of this magical ratio before but I never realized the theory came from a pentagram! cool stuff following and supporting :)

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