Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sacred Wisdom of...DragonBallZ?!?

His power levels are off the charts! KAKARAT!!!!

When you think DragonBallZ it is only natural to think of epic, ridiculous battles, and spirit bombs that take an episode and a half to charge up, and orange- skinned musclemen with spiky tips. But this isn't about DragonBallZ's similarity to the Jersey Shore, no no.

That would be another blog entirely.

Seriously now, DragonBallZ was made in Japan, a country that has made a fortune in videogames and anime by tapping into esoteric beliefs and Eastern religious tropes. In DragonBallZ Goku and the gang are on a hunt for the elusive Dragon Balls, seven mystical orbs that, when gathered together, summon a fearsome serpent who can fulfill their every desire.

Both good and evil characters wanted to summon this creature to fulfil their whims, which provided the bulk of the series' conflict. Only the strongest and smartest of warriors could complete the quest to collect the dragonballs, and the quest to raise the dragon was the plot of many of the series' early seasons.

The operating principle behind the original DragonBall series borrows hugely from eastern religion, specifically Tantra and the Hindu Chakra system. The Chakras are seven energy centers which are located along the spine.

In Tantra, the practitioner is trying to raise the divine serpent Kundalini, who sleeps in the first chakra, muladhara.

This serpent will raise the practitioner's 'power levels' immensely if it is awakened, but the practitioner must first have aligned all seven of his or her Chakras, or else the serpent will not ascend.

White Tantrics, who raised this power for good, often opposed black Tantrics in their lusting for power. The use of the number seven, the shape and nature of the Dragon, and the series' Eastern origin all indicate that the series is at least superficially linked to Hindu Tantra.

So the next time you Unleash the Dragon, remember that people have been raising their power levels for over 2,000 years! And if you are doing so too, then please remember to be a good saiyan, and use your power responsibly.


  1. lol I never liked DragonBallZ because of those "episode and a half" spirit ball charging up. Everything seemed to move so slow. But the history behind the anime is actually quite interesting. Thanks for the info!

  2. I watched more Sailor Moon than Dragon Ball. Nice blog. Following.

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  4. hah, yeah ive always beleived this, along with other things contained in the dragonball series. though the series makes an ordeal of it, the underlying use and summoning of ki is a children's version of explaining the quite real practice or qigong.
    its funny had thou but ears to hear and eyes to see

  5. huge dbz fan right here, u just gained a follower for sure. looking foward for some more things regarding DB

  6. Love the Dragon Ball Z history. I must train my power level ovver 9000!!!

  7. this is a very interesting post, thanks for sharing.. i had heard about dragonball being based loosely on the story of the monkey king hanuman, also of indian lore....